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The human body needs zinc as one of its essential minerals. According to studies, zinc can help control blood sugar levels that are already within a safe range and boost immunological function. A chelating agent is added since it is widely believed that elemental zinc is not well absorbed by the body, helping to increase absorption. The Amino Acid Chelate Zinc improves function by increasing bioavailability and absorption using aspartic acid, an amino acid.


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What Is Amino Acid Chelate Zinc?


One kind of zinc supplement is chelated zinc. It has zinc that has been combined with a chelating substance. Chelating agents are chemical substances that form bonds with metal ions (like zinc) to produce a stable, water-soluble substance that is simple for the body to absorb. Organic acids and amino acids are the two main categories of chelated zinc. Amino acid chelate zinc is a unique mineral form that the digestive system can absorb more easily. When amino acids are linked to a mineral to hasten its transit across the intestinal system, a unique molecular mineral interaction known as chelation is created.


More than 100 unique proteins known as enzymes, which are required to quicken chemical reactions in the body, depend on it for proper operation—people who cannot acquire enough zinc from their typical diets utilize zinc supplements. A great approach to absorbing zinc is by dissolving a chelated zinc lozenge in your mouth.




  • Chelation of natural amino acids for better absorption
  • No synthetic flavors or colors
  • Devoid of artificial sweeteners
  • Zinc, a vital mineral, is free of gluten.
  • Amino Acid Chelate has more than 20% elemental zinc.
  • Zinc High bioavailability of amino acid chelates applications


Amino Acid Chelate Zinc As An Animal Feed Ingredient


Avoiding a range of deficiency disorders is the goal of taking trace mineral supplements. Amino acid chelate zinc in animal feed refers to Metallo organic substances that are included in animal feed for better nutrition. The chemicals offer sources for different metals that enhance the animal’s health or marketability. To maintain optimal health, growth, and productivity, trace minerals are crucial for numerous metabolic processes, particularly as cofactors for hormones and enzymes.


Benefits Of Chelated Zinc


The benefits of Amino acid chelate zinc are as follows:

  • Zinc is required by the body to produce DNA, RNA, insulin, and hundreds of other enzymatic activities, as well as to support immunological response and cellular regeneration and repair. For muscular connective tissue, healthy skin, and regular prostate function, amino acid chelate zinc may be necessary.


  • The undamaged form of an amino acid-mineral combination can tolerate stomach acid. This greatly facilitates the absorption of minerals. Minerals are only partially absorbed as the linkages disintegrate. According to tests, chelated minerals are absorbed two to six times more effectively than non-chelated minerals.


  • When minerals are attached to amino acid chelates, they travel through the stomach and small intestine wall and are absorbed into the bloodstream with vitamins and minerals.




Amino Acid Chelate Zinc plays a crucial role in providing essential nutrients for both human and animal health. With its enhanced bioavailability and absorption rates, it ensures that the body can effectively utilize zinc for various metabolic functions. As a key component in enzyme activity, immune response, and overall cellular health, chelated zinc offers numerous benefits for maintaining optimal well-being.


When used as an animal feed ingredient, Amino Acid Chelate Zinc helps to promote growth, health, and productivity in livestock. By utilizing chelated minerals, animals can receive the necessary nutrients for their metabolic processes, ensuring they remain healthy and thrive. In both human and animal nutrition, the use of chelated zinc provides a reliable and efficient way to address zinc deficiency and support overall wellness. Incorporating Amino Acid Chelate Zinc into feed formulations can contribute to the well-being of animals and ultimately benefit the entire agricultural industry.

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