Get Calcium Lactate Powder For Better Gut Health Of Livestock


Calcium Lactate Powder is a calcium salt with a lower calcium concentration and appears to have a lower bioavailability than other calcium supplements. This indicates that your body can absorb and use it less readily. Calcium lactate is not the most practical oral calcium supplement because of this.


calcium lactate powder


It is also a common food additive added to many foods to improve their flavor, texture, or shelf life. This substance may also be a component of calcium supplements or prescription drugs. The article covers everything you need to know about calcium lactate, including potential advantages, adverse effects, and food sources.


What Is Calcium Lactate Powder & How Is It Made?


Calcium lactate has two lactate anions for every calcium cation (Ca2+). It is prepared commercially by neutralizing lactic acid with calcium carbonate or hydroxide. A natural food substance is generally considered safe; calcium lactate is used as a firming agent, flavoring agent, leavening agent, stabilizer, and thickener. Daily dietary supplements that contain calcium also contain calcium lactate powder as a source of calcium. It can also be found in several hydrate forms, the most popular of which is calcium lactate pentahydrate.


To be absorbed, calcium must be in its freely soluble form (Ca2+) or bound to a soluble organic molecule. Calcium absorption mainly occurs at the duodenum and proximal jejunum due to more acidic pH and the abundance of calcium-binding proteins. The mean calcium absorption is about 25% of calcium intake (range is 10 – 40%) in the small intestine and is mediated by both passive diffusion and active transport 4.


Calcium Lactate As an Animal Feed Ingredient


In the animal feed industry, calcium lactate powder is used to cure illnesses and issues brought on by low blood calcium levels and to deal with low blood calcium levels. Used in the animal feed business and is effective in treating ailments and issues brought on by low blood calcium levels. Piercing the cell wall and interfering with metabolism will destroy the harmful bacteria in the feed. In addition, it will cause the feed’s pH to decrease, resulting in a lower pH environment.


Uses Of Calcium Lactate


On the ingredient label, look for calcium lactate to determine whether a food contains it. Another name for calcium lactate powder is E327. The food ingredient calcium lactate is frequently found in packaged foods like:


  • Jams
  • Jellies
  • Marmalades
  • Nectars


Cans of fruits and vegetables, butter, margarine, and other types of fats used for frying

Additionally, it is occasionally used to help preserve the firmness of fresh foods like precut fruit, new kinds of pasta, and mozzarella cheese and to lengthen their shelf lives.

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