How to Select the Best Adult Stunt Scooters


Stunt scooters are designed specifically for stunts.  Selecting adult stunt scooters may be difficult considering the many top brands and companies.  There are various factors to consider before purchasing stunt scooters.  This article explains everything you need to understand about adult stunt scooters.

Stunt scooters


What makes a scooter a “stunt scooter?”

Stunt scooters are not adjustable or foldable in design which differentiates them from normal traditional scooters.  They are made of either steel alloy or titanium material.  Their construction is such that they can withstand impact and pressure.  Stunt scooters are lightweight and of robust materials; therefore, they can withstand the impact of stunt landings.  They are suitable for performing tricks and grinds as they have slightly different dimensions.


Features to look out for in adult stunt scooters

Before going into details, adult stunt scooters are extreme scooter types making them more expensive than recreational scooters.  But, it’s worth the price as they are robust enough for adult use.  Look out for;

  • Material
    As aforementioned, the material used in designing a scooter plays a major role.  The material used should be of high quality and robust as it heavily contributes to stunt scooters’ overall performance—these range from sturdiness to comfort, and good grip.  The material used can be steel, aluminum bars and decks, PU cast wheels, and anodized aluminum alloy cores.  Aluminum and steel are the most robust materials used for adult scooters; therefore, they can endure hours of use and stunt practice.
  • Design
    Stunt scooters are designed with epic freestyle designs coming in also shades to colorful gradients.  When selecting an adult scooter, select one that helps boost your confidence while in use.  Generally, stunt scooter designs complete the riders’ look, leading to an awesome experience.
  • Skill level
    This is vital, especially when purchasing stunt scooters on a large scale.  If you’re considering stunt scooters, it means you need higher-end model scooters.  Since stunt scooters have non-adjustable heights, the selected stunt scooter bar height has to fit the user.
    When standing on the scooter deck, a good stunt scooter bar should settle closer to the rider’s waist area.  Stunt scooters are designed specifically for stunt performing; therefore, they are suitable for experienced and adult use.  Look for a stunt scooter with metal core wheels and compression kits for additional strength.
  • Weight capacity
    Stunt scooters are no longer designed for kids older than 8 years old only.  You’ll currently find scooters with stronger reinforcements and a wider deck for teenagers and adults.  For adult scooters, they support anywhere between 50-100 kgs.



Adult stunt scooters are non-foldable and also non-adjustable.  This guarantees that there are no weak points on such extreme scooters.  By selecting stunt scooters from trusted, expert, and trustworthy scooter manufacturers, you’ll benefit from high-quality products, cost-efficient deals, and durable products.

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