An overview of secure door knobs


A secure door knob always provides better security and safety to everyone. A doorknob refers to the handle that is used to open or close a door. The door handle or knob is a vital part of any kind of door. Everyone gives priority to the safety of their homes. Whatever the door is made of or wherever the door is set up. The doorknob may be made either with a lock system or without the lock. A doorknob with a lock system is called a secure doorknob. A secure door knob provides more safety and more security to the user or owner of the place.

Types of Secure Door knobs

Doorknobs can be divided into different types and categories according to their materials, safety, and designs. Some common doorknobs in the market are- Passage Locksets. Also widely known as Closet or Hall Doorknobs. This doorknob is frequently used in different places, doors, closets, and common places where security is not very important. A keyed entry doorknob is another type of secure doorknob that is secured by a key-lock system. The door can be opened and closed with a key. This is the most popular and used door-locking system. Apart from this, there are many other types of security door handles on the market. Such as fingerprint-based, password systems, and different locking systems. However, the keyed entry system is the easiest and most used locking system. The lock has different models and shapes of secure door knobs which are mainly keyed entry tabular doorknobs.

secure door knobs

Benefits and necessity of Secure door knobs

Security Doorknobs Reduce Costs in the Long Run: this is one of their main advantages. That’s because the system utilizes two levels of biaxial key cutting that produce angled cuts inside the lock which are very difficult to force open by picking the lock. For this reason, the doorknob lasts a long time cuts the cost, and protects the rooms.

Ensure the overall safety: The secure door knobs increase the overall safety of a door more than the traditional doorknobs. Home safety is always the priority for every person. A safe home provides mental peace also.

Reduces the maintenance cost: Secured doorknobs are made with the best quality products and technology. That’s why these products are durable and long-lasting. So, the user doesn’t need to worry about the longevity and repurchase cost.


There are many reliable lock manufacturing companies in the market that manufacture and supply different types of door locks, security door handles, handle locks, door handle set crystal locks, electronic deadbolt locks, and other home security products. Modern technology, R&D teams, and high-quality materials will enable more development and updates of such products. Let us pay attention to the progress of door locks.

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