A Basic Guide To Professional Scooters


Scooters are gaining popularity due to their ability to navigate through snarl-ups. They are easy to use, and they don’t pollute the environment. There are professional scooters that have some outstanding features.

professional scooters


Features of a professional scooter

  1. Large Wheels
    A professional scooter has two wheels, one at the back and one at the front. Pro scooters have aluminum, which plays a vital role in enhancing their durability. Most wheels have a diameter ranging from 100mm to 125mm. The larger the diameter, the more revolutions the scooter will make, thus increasing its speed.
    Soft scooter wheels enhance the grip of the scooter leading to an increase in its performance. Wheels do come in various colors, allowing you to choose your favorite color. When using a pro scooter, you need to have at least one extra wheel in case the wheel on the scooter gets damaged.
  2. Deck
    The deck is a vital part of a pro scooter. This is where you will be standing while riding the scooter. Quality decks are made from quality aluminum material that can sustain your weight as a rider. The deck height is crucial since it determines the scooter’s stability.
    The height between the deck and the ground should be below to enable you to easily push and control the scooter. A lower deck may also lead to the scrapping of the scooter’s bottom against the ground, mainly when riding on rough roads. Pro Scooters usually have a medium deck that enables you to ride comfortably.
  3. Compact Braking
    Professional riders mainly use pro scooters at high speeds; thus, they have enhanced braking systems. The compact braking enables you to control and regulate the scooter’s speed easily. The fender braces are popular among professional riders since they make less noise.
  4. Rigid Bars
    The bars serve as the scooter’s steering wheel. Pro scooters consist of strong, rigid bars made from quality steel. Pro scooters have adjustable bar heights to enable the rider to easily control the scooter. They come in different colors and shapes.


Types of Professional Scooters

  • Complete Scooters
    These are scooters that meet the standards of advanced riders. Complete scooters are cheaper compared to building a custom scooter. These scooters have all the necessary features needed for you to start hitting the street and learn new tricks. Complete scooters come in various sizes; thus, you can choose a size that will fit you comfortably.
  • Custom Scooters
    This is a professional scooter that can be customized according to your preference. You can determine the size of wheels to put, the deck height and width, the type of material to use, and even the braking system. The performance of these professional custom scooters will depend on the customization of the scooter.

In conclusion, whether you opt for a complete scooter or a custom one, professional scooters offer a unique blend of performance, durability, and personalization. They are not just a means of transportation but also a statement of style and a tool for mastering the art of scootering.

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