Everything You Need to Know About Grouted Soil Nailing


The urbanization process has increased in the recent few years. Therefore, construction in loose soil is more certain as the growing population needs more land to house their buildings. Presently, there are many methods for soil nail slope stabilization. The procedure allows for vertical structures to be erected in cities and towns.

When applying grouted soil nailing, one of the benefits is a large working space. Furthermore, the construction and machinery are very lightweight. The construction is completed quickly. In addition, the adaptability is unquestionable. It leads to full settlement regardless of the type of soil.

What is soil nailing?

Grouted soil nailing is a procedure that requires geographical and technical expertise. The procedure requires soil nails that are embedded into the soil. In the next step, the concrete is sprayed on the surface. The team installs mesh and a waterproof system. Different methods are used for soil nail slope stability.

A soil nail is an object that is installed in the soil. However, they are grouted too. In some circumstances. Grouting and drilling happen at the same time. Picking the type of soil nails depends on the conditions of the ground and the aim of the project.

What are the different types of soil nails?

Self-drilling soil nails

Self-drilling grouted soil nailing consists of an anchor bar,  nut, plate, and drill bit, coupler, and centralizer. The soil nails are drilled into the hollow center. Subsequently, the grout travels downward. Its motions are up and down the holes in the drill bit. The soil nail slope stabilization method consists of three steps that do not take a lot of time.

However, the expert must pay close attention to drill smoothly. Furthermore, the rotation effect must be assessed. You can mix it with grout for easy drilling. The drilling, anchoring, and grout soil nailing procedure supports the ground. Otherwise, the soil may collapse, and a landslide may happen.

Driven soil nail

Driven soil nailing is a lengthy procedure that consists of long steel bars. The steel pipes are embedded in the soil. It is one of the most common soil nail slope stabilization methods that compliments a complex soil structure. Driven soil nails are heavy because the drills have a small diameter.

As a result, the grouted soil nailing has minimum friction. You can enter the soil through vibrations, hydraulic hammers, and other mechanics. Fortunately, the driven soil method does not require holes that are pre-drilled. The soil composition is not disturbed.

The Bottom Line

Everything above is relevant to grouted soil nailing. The self-drilling is an efficient method that does not require casing. As a result, the efficiency of the building improves. You also benefit from a shortened project timeline and reduced cost. Self-drilling soil nails are common in grounds containing pebbles. You can use the nails for ground anchors and rock bolts.

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