Custom fabric tags: A very important accessory for clothing industries


Custom fabric tags are a very important accessory for clothing industries. Industries use customs tags to market their fabrics and clothes. These tags are ideal to spread the brand name as well as enhance the brand image and identity.

What are Custom fabric tags?

Custom fabric tags are small labels or tags usually made of nylon, taffeta, or polyester satin, sewn into the interior of clothes or fabric, so it is not visible to others when wearing the dresses by someone. These tags contain important information about the company and the fabric or garment. Custom fabric tags increase the brand identity and marketing also. Usually, in fabric or dresses, there’s no space for the company to brand its name and identity. So, garment manufacturers and fabric companies use a small piece of fabric to brand their name and label the relevant information on that fabric and attach that to the dress or clothes. A user can easily get informed about the brand and product information through the tags. A custom fabric tag is a special type of tag in which the company set customized information for their purpose and products. Big companies use different types of Custom fabric tags according to their product and market.

custom fabric tags
The usefulness of Custom fabric tags

• Customers get descriptions about the materials and quality of the products.
• Custom fabric tags present the clothing brand to the Customers.
• Companies can present their logos, slogans, and brand visibility to customers easily.
• Fabric tags are more environmentally friendly and comfortable than plastic materials.
• A well-designed custom tag helps the customers to get proper information about the clothes and influence their purchase decision.

What types of custom fabric labels are available?
There are various custom fabric label service providers in the market today who provide different types of high-quality custom fabric labels to their customers. Customers and apparel manufacturers can customize with their logos, slogans, taglines, product information and more. Here are some of them for your reference:
Custom Label Woven: Woven labels are made of cotton and polyester to present your desired design logo or message. The label has a soft, attractive feel and is more durable and long-lasting than printed labels.
Embroidered Labels: Embroidered labels are a very popular type of fabric labels such as Indian Silk Embroidered Badges and US Army Embroidered Patches.
Garment Care Labels: These are satin printed care labels and thick printed logos.
Customized fabric tape: There are many types of fabric labels. If you don’t find the right type, you might as well communicate with a label manufacturer to produce high-quality custom fabric tape labels.

Fabric labels are not only effective in displaying important information about your company and fabrics or clothing to customers, but they are also a very good choice to build awareness of your brand. Do you want custom fabric labels for your brand or clients? Take action now to find the right labeling service provider.

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